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Wealth Builders Program


What People Are Saying

When I first started the program, I was a paycheck to paycheck person and basically had nothing to show at the end of the month. Once I was able to place my monthly expenses and income on a spreadsheet, I became more aware of how I was spending my money. The program helped me to manage my cash and put me in a better financial position. I am able to start creating an emergency fund, to work toward debt reduction and then put myself on a plan to start investing. This was not overnight but with determination and self-discipline the program is working.

Starla Smith

In only five months we've went from living paycheck to paycheck and not knowing exactly where our money was going to having a grasp on our finances and being able to trace every cent and generating cash on a monthly basis. Following the methods, we've been taught and now generating cash has allowed us to build an emergency fund to fall back on should any hardship occur. For the first time in our lives, and during a global pandemic, finances are no longer a stressor.

Dadrion & Britteny

After seven years of selling my baked cakes, finally, I am able, for the first time, to place the proceeds in my cake box and save them. My financial confidence is soaring, and I have overcome mismanaging money with an increase in my cash generation in one month’s time

Tammy Sutton

The Eric D Coleman financial group has truly been a godsend! For years now, I have wanted to improve my financial picture, but I just didn't know how. I have been a member of the Group since late August, but I already see major and promising changes.

Natalie Webb